Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost Race Time

Last weekend I endured my last sufferfest shootout ride, possibly the fastest one yet. Then I packed up, jumped in the truck and headed off for a 14 hour drive to California.

I got some good training in the last few days I was in Tucson, including twice up Lemmon in one day, but I was really ready to get out of the desert. I was looking forwards to getting rid of the reptile skin, dust and terrible roads as well. My time was a bit overdue to see some grass and get out of there.

I have never been to California before, but I can say this much; I don't know if I ever will leave. Literally. I have never seen such gorgeous scenery and had such unbelievable training routes. I am staying near Santa Cruz, up in the mountains for a couple weeks, and every ride is through the forest on the winding roads. I'm thinking I'd be a climber if I had grown up here, but it's never too late!

This weekend will be my first shot at racing for the year. I am doing Merco cycling Classic; The Grand Prix is on Saturday morning and the road race is bright and early Sunday. I will be headed back to Santa Cruz area for the week after to train as well, and already looking forwards to it. Then who knows where, but that's the cycling lifestyle. No idea when I'll be home, but I enjoy not knowing, and just going where my cycling and racing takes me. I'll keep updates going on twitter, Facebook and here on how the racing goes this weekend.

Feeling strong,


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  1. Go Karlee!!!! You are crazy strong this year. Show them whose boss!